White Rabbit Family presents italian restaurant «Mushrooms» that will tell You everything about the mushrooms!

Gastronomic experiment on the roof with the awesome view at Moscow: spend an evening on Mushrooms by putting yourself in the capable hands of the team of WRF brand chef Vladimir Mukhin and chef Artem Losev.  

Mushrooms brought from the chefs’ own gastronomical expeditions, prepared exclusively for the restaurants by farms or discovered by famous micrologists — we’ve got what it takes to amaze even the most sophisticated of guests. Truffles at cost price at any time of the year. It’s never too late to fall in love with mushrooms!



  • Visa for White Rabbit Family

    Visa for White Rabbit Family

    Special program for Visa Premium owners


    Since April 2 and till the end of 2018, the White Rabbit Family* restaurants offer special conditions for Visa Premium cards owners: 10% off with Visa Platinum and Visa Signature cards and 15% off with Visa Infinite.

    To become a member of the program, please show the waiter your Visa card, issued by one of the banks of the Russian Federation, and ask for the discount. Discount is provided only when paying the entire amount of the bill and does not sum up with the existing WRF discount cards. Terms of the program apply to bills that include no more than 8 guests (including children over three years old).

    * The program operates in all WRF restaurants, except for the "Vokrug sveta" gastronomic market, WR Lab and Sausage Club

  • Family Days

    Family Days

    Every Sunday we make a holiday for our youngest guests


    Hunt Mushrooms together with Your family — we invite our youngest guests to have fascinating quests, exciting master classes and non-stop games. Nanny for babies available from 13:00 to 21:00, so while the parents might have a rest and be pleased by Italian cuisine, their children have interesting things to do: going on an adventure with Spider Man, cook a pizza and a magic elixir with famous Russian cartoon heroes called Fixiki (Fixers), or do scrapbooking with Rose from the «Trolls» cartoon!

  • Music by the best

    Music by the best

    Pre-parties in Mushrooms. Every Friday — the best sets of famous DJs


    Quality music and a cozy interior are an excellent addition to delicious snacks and a wide choice of original cocktails. Just look at the lights of Moscow and how they are lit: the atmosphere of pre-party will create a mood for more, whether it'll be heart-to-heart talks or bright parties.



Moscow, Bolshaya Yakimanka Street 22, Himeney shopping centre, 2nd floor.

+7 (495) 995-21-78





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